Angularjs training in Chennai

Angularjs training in ChennaiAngularjs is most widely used in designing the web applications. It is designed by using html5 very popularly used for mobile applications. The mobile application is very well supported in the angularjs as it as an open source network. The applications are widely created by using ionic framework facilitated on the mobile devices. These applications are covered in the angularjs training in Chennai.

The classes conducted on the angular js mainly cover the topic on how to create the menu and how to create the SPA.  The ionic framework is similar to the bootstrap in angularjs. The ionic framework is of CSS and java script library which is the youngest in the top 5 stack. Those who have the knowledge of CSS and java script can the course of angularjs. The angularjs course in Chennai helps the professionals to design a framework by using the ionic and bootstrap framework. The controllers are the middle man between the model and view where most of the apps start coupled together, difficult to the business logic and it makes difficult to test things.

There are many advanced features in the angularjs which makes the users to choose it when compared to the other programming language. It has the ability to develop at the initial stage and at the testing process. The challenges such as the making animations, transitions are met easily which the most popular website needs today.

Angularjs training Chennai provides the quality education to the students on the angularjs. The app which is created by using the angularjs is of hybrid type that supports multiple features and provides a user friendly view to the users. The coding that is done in the angularjs is of advanced HTML5 which is more mobile friendly. Angularjs follows a MVC model that comprises of model, view and the controller. The concept of router and dependency injection are provided as the separate module in the angularjs framework. These concepts are covered in brief to provide full knowledge about the course to the students in order to make them to work confidentially with the live projects.


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