How to build a website with AngularJS Training?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for dynamic web apps. Developers and Designers HTML as a template language, it helps to create electronic documents. AngularJS is related to SPA and it helps to build a variety of applications. Features like templating, AJAX handling, two-way data binding, modularization, dependency injection are also used. Learn and build your very first web with additional features, AngularJS Training in Chennai makes you become a master in this field.

AngularJS Directives

Angular developers create HTML attributes and elements, it defines the behavior of presentation components.

Some common AngularJS directives are:

ng-class – Allow class attributes and it loaded dynamically

ng-hide and ng-show – helps to hide the element and the user can also change the styles

ng-bind – This directive helps to change the HTML element,  you can also update the text with expression alters

ng-model – It is similar to ng-bind, directives like text area, select are used to build the web.

ng-animate – this directives support for animation, it also includes CSS3 keyframe animations, CSS3 transitions, and JavaScript

ng-controller – this directive helps to specify JavaScript controller class, at the same time it helps to evaluate HTML expressions

Future of Web Design

We are going to see more and more websites in the upcoming days. If you want to build a web with great features, prefer AngularJS Online Training. Within a short duration, an individual will learn how to design web applications. AngularJS helps to handle your project wireframes during the testing and development process. More and more aspirants are now shifting to their careers into the web development field because it always has a great scope.

What does AngularJS do?

AngularJS is an open-source framework that helps to build a web application with wonderful features. It helps to extend HTML code and it was built by independent developers.

Latest Updates of Angular JS

Angular 5 is the next version and it was developed by Google Engineers. It is going to release after a few months because Google needs more time to upgrade. After releasing Angular 5, Angular 6 and Angular 7 are released soon. Each version has lots of advantages and the people who need to learn more about AngularJS can prefer the AngularJS course in Chennai. Each and every concept has been explained clearly with suitable examples. Google says that Angular has stayed for a long time. Get to know how helpful AngularJS is.

Angular 5 has updated HttpClient and Angular 6 would repeat in Angular 5. Developers compose lots of components with HTML code. Learn more and achieve more with great guidance.

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